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400-euro-job Originals

400-euro-job Coffee Club: Porsche 70th Anniversary



Our latest coffee club selection is a special edition in collaboration with Porsche, that celebrates their 70th Anniversary. We’ve selected 3 significant cars from Porsche’s history, the 911, 917, and 959, that celebrate the idea of #sportscartogether, and 3 incredible coffees to go with their stories.

Our Porsche 70th Anniversary Collection features:

  • Frankfurt: A light/medium roast, washed process coffee from Ethiopia – 12oz
    Producer: Small Holders
    Region: Limu
    Elevation: 1800-2100 Meters
    Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruits, Citrus, Sweet Tea
  • Salzburg: A medium roast, washed process coffee from Colombia  – 12oz
    Producer: La Union
    Region: Nariño
    Elevation: 1450-1900 Meters
    Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Yellow Apple
  • Stuttgart: A medium roast, washed process coffee from Rwanda – 12oz
    Producer: Hingakawa Women’s Co-op
    Elevation: 1800-2000 Meters
    Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Baking Spices, Molasses

All orders include one complimentary red “Drive Tastefully” vinyl decal.

Coffees are roasted to order and shipped within 48hrs after the roasting process is complete.

About the Club

Ships from the US. International customers may incur customs & VAT fees.

The 400-euro-job Coffee Club is a curated selection of premium, roast-to-order coffees in partnership with Drive Coffee, that is inspired by the stories of the cars, people, events, and places that have influenced our passion.

Working closely with the 400-euro-job Team, Drive coffee meticulously selects coffees of the highest quality from around the world, with a preference for direct trade, single origin, in season coffees. Once green coffees have been selected, each coffee is roasted according to the attributes of that coffee to maximize the flavor profile.

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